Cooperator Spotlight

2013 Grassland Farmer of the Year

This year’s 2013 Greene County SWCD Grassland Farmer of the Year award goes to Eric Bowers from Walnut Grove. Eric has grown up in the Walnut Grove area helping his father Tommy Bowers run a cow/calf and hay operation. Just a few years ago he purchased his own farm and began running 60 cow calf pairs on 209 acres. Recently, he has become interested in the benefits of rotational grazing and after attending a grazing school, decided he would like to install his own system. After working with the SWCD office to develop a grazing plan Eric was able to utilize the DSP 3 Grazing Practice to install a new well, 1300 feet of pipeline, 3000 feet of electric fence and a tank on 94 acres of his farm. Eric’s efforts have not gone unnoticed in the neighborhood as several of his neighbors have inquired about grazing systems and even his father Tommy is about to complete a system on his farm down the road. Congratulations to Eric for all his hard work, for being an example of good resource management and for being named Greene County’s 2013 SWCD Grassland Farmer of the Year.    

2013 Cooperator of the Year

This year’s 2013 Greene County SWCD Cooperator of the Year award goes to Daryl Davis from Rogersville.  Daryl has been working to implement his conservation plan by decommissioning an unused dairy lagoon with the Federal EQIP program and planting 51 acres of crop ground back to grass utilizing the State’s DSL 1 Seeding Practice. In addition to this he has completely fenced his livestock off from a stream that runs through the middle of his farm. Daryl completed the WQ10 Stream Protection Practice on 6.7 acres of stream-side area and the N391 Riparian Buffer Practice on an additional 5.1 acres. This included planting 1900 trees, building 6300 feet of fence and installing 600 feet of waterline and a tire tank. All of this was completed in addition to Daryl’s regular business of putting up hay and selling it to customers all around the Midwest. Congratulations to Daryl for all his hard work and for being named Greene County’s 2013 SWCD Cooperator of the Year.