Grassland Planning and Application Training for SWCD Employees

Note: This training is not limited to Technician II level staff

The Soil and Water Conservation Program, through Lincoln University is offering training in grassland planning and application for SWCD employees (this is not limited to Technician II level staff). Several regional sessions are planned to minimize travel time and expense. The training will be presented by retired NRCS State Grassland Conservationists Mark Kennedy and John Turner.

The training will include classroom instruction in Plant Growth and Forage Quality, Fertility, Animal Nutrition, Economics, Evaluating Farm Resources, Grazing System Layout and Design, Fencing and Water Systems. Hands-on training will be provided about Livestock-Forage Balance (GRAZE4) and pipeline design (MOPipeline). A field exercise will be held to inventory a farm and prepare a grazing system plan.

This training is not designed as a preparatory exercise to the Grazing Management Certification exam, although much of the training will benefit Tech IIs to prepare for the Grazing Management Certification. Many technicians who are already certified at the Tech II level will benefit.

Training Materials

Evaluating the Resources
Fertility and Nitrogen Management in Pasture Systems
Grazing Economics01: Keys to being a Profitable Forage Producer
Grazier's Arithmetic: 1+1=3
Layout and Design of Grazing Systems
Livestock Nutrition
Livestock Watering Systems
Pipeline Design Survey Notes
Plant Growth and Forage Management