ITSD Helpdesk Request

Itsd online help desk iconDouble-click the ITSD Online Help Desk icon located on your desktop. The ITSD Help Desk Requests screen will appear for you to complete your help desk request.

help desk request splash

helpdesk request overviewAll fields on the request are required. Each request ticket is routed to a support group based on the information that is selected. It is important that the requests be completed as accurately as possible and contain as much pertinent information as possible. By default, Name, Agency and Phone fields should already be auto-filled. 

















add name image

The Name field is a required field. By default, Name should display your name. If Name does not display your name, fill in your full name.

select agency imageThe Agency field is a required field. By default, Agency should display "Natural Resources". All Soil and Water Districts belong to this group. If Agency does not display "Natural Resources", select "Natural Resources" from the drop down selection.






The Phone field is a required field. By default, Phone should display your phone number. If Phone does not display your phone number, fill in your full phone number, to include the area code and your 7 digit number (please do not include an extension). Formatting of the phone number is not required. add phone number image


select location imageThe Location field is a required field. Select the Location from the Location drop down. For the Soil and Water Districts, the selection will always be "SWCD Districts". 











select category imageThe Category field is a required field. Select the Category from the Category drop down. The category will help End User Support decide what action might be taken. 












select sub categoryThe Sub-Category field is a required field. Select the Sub-Category from the Sub-Category drop down. The Sub-Category drop down selections are based on the choice made in Category. Only selections pertinent to the selected Category will be displayed.



select subject imageThe Subject field is a required field. Enter the Subject of the help desk request. This is a short description of the purpose of the request. Entering the district as the first portion of the subject would be helpful to End User Support. Each district has a different End User Support technician assigned. By including the district in the Subject improves the speed of routing the request to correct technician

describe issue imageThe Issue field is a required field. Enter the Issue of the help desk request. This is a longer description of the Subject. The more information that can be included in the Issue, the easier it is for the End User Support technician to troubleshoot the request.





add attachment imageYou can attach a file to the request by selecting Attach File. This may be useful to provide additional information about the request, such as screen shots. After selecting Attach File, a text field and Browse button will display. The Browse button will allow you to browse to the attached file location on your hard drive or network drive.


submit ticket imageWhen you have completed the request, submit the help desk request by clicking the Create Ticket button.