Solo Backpack Sprayer

Rental Item Deposit: 
See description for deposit information.
Rental Item Description: 
  1. $10 Deposit for the Cost of Compass
  2. $40 Deposit for the Cost of Prism
  3. $90 Deposit for Backpack Sprayer and Attachments
  4. $20 Deposit for Hatchet
  5. $25 Deposit for Tordon Chemicals
  6. $3 Deposit for Squirt Bottle
  7. $10 Deposit for Cruz All
  8. $10 Deposit for Tree/Log Stick Scale

Renter agrees to pay or forfeit deposit for any damages to the backpack sprayer and attachments while in his custody except for normal wear. Deposit will be completely refunded if returned in like condition as of time of rental.

Rental Item County: