Carroll County Board Members

Board Members County: 
Roy Ritchhart
Elected Area: 
Areas Served: 
Prairie, Trotter, Egypt, Moss Creek, Cherry Valley and Sugartree townships
Years Served: 
Since 2005, Term Expires Spring 2024
Vice Chair
Dennis Hensiek
Elected Area: 
Areas Served: 
Carrollton, Combs, Dewitt, Smith, Wakenda, Eugene and Maimi townships
Years Served: 
Since 2007, Term Expires Spring 2026
Secretary (University of Missouri Extension)
Kathi Mecham
Years Served: 
Since 2017
Bill Brunscher
Elected Area: 
Areas Served: 
Washington, Hill, Fairfield, and Leslie townships
Years Served: 
Since 1997, Term Expires Spring 2024
Clint Burnside
Elected Area: 
Areas Served: 
Stokes mound, Hurricane, Van Horn, Ridge and Rockford townships
Years Served: 
Since 2023, Term Expires Spring 2026
Additional Information: 

Place, date and time are subject to change due to holidays or other events. All meetings are open to the public with the exception of executive sessions. If you wish to be on the agenda, please notify the district office prior to the meeting.

Conference Room at the USDA building
Date and Time: 
Second Tuesday of each month.
Board Election Information: 

Nomination Period:  November 1 - November 30, 2023        Areas 1 and 3

Election:   February 1 - February 20, 2024


2024 Seeking Nominees

2024 Self Nomination Form

2024 Board Member Job Description

2024 Board Member Area Map

The qualifications required to be a supervisor are:

  • Being a land representative from the district (10CSR 70-4.010). A land representative is defined as the owner or representative authorized by power of attorney of any farm lying within an area proposed to be established, and subsequently established, as a soil and water conservation district under Chapter 278, RSMo. Each farm is entitled to representation by a land representative: provided, however that the land representative is a taxpayer of the county within which the soil and water district is located.
  • Resident in, or owning a farm in, the area from which he/she is nominated where there is a expiring term.
  • Being a cooperator of the district, defined as, “a person who is actively engaged in farming and practices conservation activities related to agriculture”.
  • Being a current resident and tax-paying citizen of the county for at least two years preceding the election date.
  • Be eighteen (18) years of age or older by the election date.