Cedar County Board Members

Board Members County: 
Dean Pate
Elected Area: 
Area II
Areas Served: 
Cedar and Washington Townships
Years Served: 
Elected in 2006
Vice Chair
Rick Chism
Elected Area: 
Area III
Areas Served: 
Jefferson and Madison Townships
Years Served: 
Elected in 2012
Donald Berry
Elected Area: 
Area I
Areas Served: 
Box Township
Years Served: 
Elected in 2012
Secretary (University of Missouri Extension)
Patrick Davis
Years Served: 
Appointed in 2013
Chris Taylor
Elected Area: 
Area IV
Areas Served: 
Benton and Linn Townships
Years Served: 
Elected in 2019
Additional Information: 

Call 417-276-3388 for more information.

Date and Time: 
Second Friday of each month.
Board Election Information: 

Next Election: 

Areas 1 and 3


Nomination Period November 1-30, 2023//sites/mosoilandwater/files/SEEKING NOMINEES_2024.pdf
Election Period February 1-20, 2024
Ballots counted by election judges February 22-28, 2024

The qualifications required to be a supervisor are:

1. Being a land representative from the district (10 CSR 70-4.010 (1) (I)). A land representative is defined as the owner or representative authorized by power of attorney of any farm lying within an area proposed to be established, and subsequently established, as a soil and water conservation district under Chapter 278, RSMo. Each farm is entitled to representation by a land representative: provided, however that the land representative is a taxpayer of the county within which the soil and water district is located.

2. Residing in, or owning a farm in, the area from which he/she is nominated where there is an expiring term.

3. Being a cooperator of the district, defined as, "a person who is actively engaged in farming and practices conservation activities related to agriculture”.

4. Being a current resident and tax-paying citizen of the county for at least two years preceding the election date.

5. Be eighteen (18) years of age or older by the election date.