Dade County Board Members

Board Members County: 
Carole Witt
Years Served: 
Elected in 1994
Vice Chair
Steve Richter
Years Served: 
Elected in 2006
Linda Medley
Years Served: 
Elected in 2000
Danny Engelage
Years Served: 
Elected in 2004
Secretary (University of Missouri Extension)
Jill Scheidt
Years Served: 
Appointed in 2013
Additional Information: 

Call 417-637-5993 for more information.

Date and Time: 
 Second Thursday of each month.
Board Election Information: 

Next Election: The Dade County SWCD is taking nominations for Board Members for February 2022 election for Territory 2 & 4.  Nominations period is from November 1, to December 1, 2021.

Information link and teritory map: