Election Information

The Election period for the Lafayette County Soil & Water Conservation District Board of Supervisors for Area II:  Clay & Lexington Township and Area III:  Dover & Middleton Township will be from Thursday, February 1 through Saturday, February 20.  Ballots will be accepted at the Soil & Water office, at the Open House on February 2, or can be mailed  to the SWCD, 120 W. 19th St, Higginsville, MO 64037.  

Voter Eligibility:

1.  Voting in SWCD supervisor elections is limited to one vote per independent farm enterprise by a landowner or the landowner's legal representative.  A legal representative must have a power of attorney that specifically authorizes voting in SWCD supervisor elections.  An eligible land representative of an SWCD, as defined in 10 CSR 70-4.010(1)(I), may vote in any SWCD supervisor election held within that particular SWCD.  Only a land representative is eligible to cast a vote in SWCD supervisor elections.  If challenged, eligibility to vote must be demonstrated by the land representative.

2.  Each farm, as defined in 10 CSR 70-4.010 (1)(H), shall be entitled to representation in SWCD supervisor elections, and for the purposes of this rule, a land representative shall be deemed as owning one (1) farm and having one (1) vote, regardless of the number of farms owned or POA by such person.  A farm is defined as land which has been assigned a United States Department of Agriculture Farm Service Agency (FSA) farm number or assessed agricultural by the county assessor where agricultural activities are normally performed and from which one thousand dollars ($1,000) or more of agricultural products are normally sold in a year. 

3.  If it is impossible for the farm owner to personally participate in voting, a power of attorney may be given to a taxpaying citizen of the county who may represent the owner and cast the vote.  A person so authorized shall not be the legal land representative for more than one (1) farm owner.  A copy of the power of attorney authorization must be attached to the ballot.