McDonald County Area 1 & 3 Election 2024

Event Date: 
November 1, 2023, 7:45 AM to November 30, 2023, 5:00 PM

SWCD Board Member Job Description
What is a Soil and Water Conservation District?
A District is comprised of a county wherein a project for saving the soil and water has been established to encourage the wise and productive use of natural resources.
What is a Soil and Water District board member?
A board member is an individual who has been elected or appointed to the local governing body of a soil and water district. There are 4 elected board members and 1 appointed board member. The elected members comprise the roles of Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Member. The appointed member is an employee of the University of Missouri Extension who holds the Secretary position.
Being on the board is great way to leverage the district into meeting goals, improving cost-share spending, driving diversity, and helping resolve county complaints. Being a supervisor ensures your chance to vote on behalf of your constituents.
The supervisors of the Soil and Water Conservation District board provide oversight, direction, transparency and act as an auditing authority as the governing body of the district.
The board of Soil and Water supervisors assist the Soil and Water Districts Commission in the administration of a state soil and water conservation cost-share program. This entails management of funds provided by the Commission or other federal funding for the purpose of saving the soil and water within the district. The cost-share program involves contracts between landowners and the district for the installation of Commission approved cost-share practices. Contracts must be executed within a certain timeframe following Commission approved rules.
The board is the employer of the SWCD employees and is responsible for providing direction and guidance to the SWCD staff. They are responsible for hiring, and if necessary firing, the SWCD employees. While the board does not generally provide day to day work load oversight, they ask for progress reports and provide yearly employee evaluations. The board acts as an auditor of employee hours by reviewing timesheets, approving leave and requesting office coverage.
The board holds regular meetings to review the district business, and are beholden to the Sunshine Law. These meetings are typically held monthly. The board reviews the following in a typical board meeting: minutes, treasurer’s reports, bank statements, cost-share contracts, change orders, contract payments, new cooperators, and conservation plans. The board is also responsible for reviewing and approving all purchases and making sure that they meet state and local policies.