Meet Kaitlyn (Kate) Thornton

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May 19, 2023
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It has been some time since her start date and many of you have already met her, but please welcome Kate Thornton to Lincoln County SWCD as the new Technician.  Replacing Jerry Weinrich was going to be a difficult fill, but thanks to some overlapping time, Jerry was able to start training Kate on many aspects of her job.  The district was also fortunate due to the fact that she interned here a few years ago (2016 & 2018) so she was already ahead of the game.  Since then, she has proven to be a real go-getter when it comes to training and learning everything she needs to do her job efficiently.

Kate is from Troy.  She graduated from Northeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors in Agricultural Education.  She did teach one year in Winfield before joining the team here.  Welcome Kate!

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