Morgan County Board Members

Board Members County: 
Brian Lehman

Versailles, MO

Vice Chair
Wayne Kanenbley

Syracuse, MO

Josh Witte

Stover, MO

Harold Waisner

Gravois Mills, MO

Secretary (University of Missouri Extension)
Joni Harper

Versailles, MO

Additional Information: 

Please call 573-378-5822 ext. 101 if you have an item that you would like placed on the agenda.

Pioneer Restaurant
Date and Time: 
Second Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.
Board Election Information: 

Next Election: February1-22 for Area 2 (T43N R19W, T43N R18W, T43N R17W, T43N R16W) and  Area 4 (T41N R19W, T41N R18W, T41N R17W, T41N R16W, T40N R19W, T40N R18W, T40N R17W, T40N R16W)