New Cost-Share Policies Approved

News Date: 
November 8, 2021
News Content: 
  • Cost-Share limit per landowner per year - $30,000 for terraces, waterways, diversions, basins for fall projects and for summer projects $35,000.
  • Earthwork Rates have changed:$3.50 a FT for Broadbase Terraces, $3.04 a FT for Narrowbase Terraces, $3.20¬†for CYs, $1.58 a FT for Trench/Backfill<12, $1.87 a FT for Trench/Backfill >12, $3493.00 per acre for Waterways.
  • Cost-Share will be allowed for structures to be constructed in idle or crop fields.
  • Cover Crops can be cost shared up to 200 Acres.
  • Cost-Share for Cover Crops does not count toward the $30,000 Cost-Share limit for other practices.
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