Root Plow

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The root plow is designed to sever moisture seeking roots at the edges of crop fields to increase water utilization for the production crop.  It is mounted in a two wheeled trailer and has a hitch pin hook-up.The root plow requires at least a 70 HP tractor and is capable of severing tree roots encroaching into crop fields up to 25” deep.  Before plowing, the operator must check for buried cables, pipes, and other utilities.  Plowing should be done about 2’ out from the drip line and at least 15’ from the main trunk.  Proper use requires multiple passes.  The first pass should be about 12” to 15” deep and the second pass should be 22” to 25” deep.  On erodible areas, plow furrows should be offset every 100’ to prevent creating an erosion problem. A late fee of $50 per day will be charged if equipment is not returned by agreed date. A $25 fee will be charged if equipment is not thoroughly cleaned out or free of debris.

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root plow
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