Audrain County Board Members

Board Members County: 
Dennis Isgrig
Elected Area: 
Vice Chair
Beth Schnitker
Elected Area: 
Keith Deimeke
Elected Area: 
Mary Sobba
Andrew Cauthorn
Elected Area: 
Additional Information: 

All SWCD Board Meeting dates and times are subject to change.

Date and Time: 
Third Wednesday of each month at 8:00 a.m.
Board Election Information: 

Election period is February 1st - 20th

Area 1 and Area 3


The Audrain County Soil and Water Conservation District will hold an election for one supervisor in each of two different territories in the county. The election will take place February 1st through February 20th.  Anyone that owns a farm in Territory [1] (Saling/Wilson Townships) or Territory [3] (Prairie/Linn/Loutre Township) and meets the qualifications listed below, may be considered as a candidate in the election. The ballot is available online at or in person at the district office located at 4619 S. Clark Mexico, MO 65265.

Supervisors of the district administer district policies and programs, district personnel, and cost­ share funding made available by the one-tenth-of-one-percent parks, soils and water sales tax. During fiscal year 2023, the district provided $792,319.00 of cost-share funds to approximately 83 landowners to assist the landowners with installing agricultural erosion control and water quality practices.


The qualifications required to be a supervisor are:

1.     Being a land representative from the district (10 CSR 70-4.010 (1) (I)). A land representative is defined as the owner or representative authorized by power of attorney of any farm lying within an area proposed to be established, and subsequently established, as a soil and water conservation district under Chapter 278, RSMo. Each farm is entitled to representation by a land representative: provided, however that the land representative is a taxpayer of the county within which the soil and water district is located.

2.     Residing in, or owning a farm in, the area from which he/she is nominated where there is an expiring term.

3.     Being a cooperator of the district, defined as, "a person who is actively engaged in farming and practices conservation activities related to agriculture”.

4.     Being a current resident and tax-paying citizen of the county for at least two years preceding the election date.

5.  Be eighteen (18) years of age or older by the election date.

6. Provide a valid mailing address to the program office and notify the program office of any changes of address during their term. 

If you have questions regarding eligibility or the election process please contact our office.