Needs Assessment


It is time again for the soil and water conservation districts to update their Needs Assessment to assist the state Soil and Water Districts Commission in allocating cost-share funds for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) and provide budget projections for future fiscal years. To complete the  Needs Assessment process, districts will need to complete the funding request in the Missouri Soil and Water Information Management System (MoSWIMS). Once the information is entered MoSWIMS, district staff will need to print the MoSWIMS Needs Assessment Report (for in ALL YEARS) and have that report approved and signed by the board.
Districts that determine their resource needs have not changed from FY23, can resubmit similar numbers for FY24. It is recommended districts utilize all five years for planning purposes but a minimum of two years are required to be completed.
The board signed MoSWIMS report must be completed by October 28, 2022. The signed request needs to be submitted via e-mail to the program office email 
soil& If this report is not at received by the deadline, the district's FY24 initial allocation may be impacted.

For more information, contact Alicia McClendon or Chelsea Toton at the New Madrid County Soil & Water Conservation District at (573) 748-2557 ext. 3.