Ashland Earth Scraper 7cy

Rental Item Price: 
$150/day (minimum 1 day charge)
Rental Item Description: 

140-250 HP tractor (2 or 4 wheel drive). Scheduling: Contact Lloyd Nelson, Equipment Manager, in Skidmore at 660.928.3411 or cell 660.254.1935 Policy: A rental agreement must be signed at the time of delivery. The person signing the agreement will be held liable for any repairs and/or labor charges that may be incurred due to misuse or abuse to the equipment. Delivery: The Equipment Manager will deliver and pick up the equipment free of charge within Nodaway County. A $1/mile fee will be charged to the renter for miles the equipment is delivered and picked up outside Nodaway County. Payment: The soil and water conservation district will bill you for the rental of the equipment. You will be charged for the drill and seeder according to the acre meter readings and number of days rented. There will be no adjustments to the acre meter readings. Payments that are not received by the due date will receive a 1.5 percent monthly finance charge.

Rental Item County: