John Deere No-Till Drill 15'

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In County - $15.00/acre ($200 minimum) | Out County - $17.00/acre ($200 minimum)
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John Deere 15' No-Till Drill takes a minimum of a 70 hp. tractor and a minimum of single hydraulics. The John Deere drill will drill soybeans, wheat, oats, etc. and it also has a small seed box that will drill alfalfa, red clover, lespedeza, timothy, switch grass, etc. Both boxes can be used at the same time. NOTE:  All drills and the mulcher require a $200 deposit. The silt fence plow and burn equipment require a $100 deposit. Also, the equipment you have to pull, we need proof of insurance and you must bring your own pin. No exceptions! Hours to pick up rental equipment are 7:00 a.m.. - 3:30 a.m.  Monday -Friday or by appointment only.

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