Great Plains No-Till Drill 10'

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In County - $9/acre ($100/day minimum) | Out County - $10/acre ($100/day minimum)
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Great Plains 10' No-Till Drill takes a minimum of a 50 hp. tractor and a minimum of single hydraulics. It has a warm season grass box, legume box and a regular grain box. It will drill warm season grass, soybeans, wheat, oats, fescue, etc. and the legume box will drill small seeds like clover, lespedeza, timothy, red top, etc. All boxes can be used at the same time. NOTE:  All drills, root plow, silt fence plowand burn equipment require a $100 deposit. The mulcher will have a $150 or $200 deposit fee. Also, the equipment you have to pull, we need proof of insurance and you must bring your own pin. No exceptions! Hours to pick up rental equipment are 7:00 a.m.. - 3:30 a.m.  Monday -Friday or by appointment only.

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great plains no-till drill 10 foot
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