Needs Assessment

Due to the new needs assessment process, we now focus on specific "Resource Concerns". Pulaski County has cost share dollars to assist our agriculture lands in specific resource concerns.

Resource concerns we will have funding for in the next fiscal year are, Nutrient Management, Pest Management and Ground Water Protection to include sinkhole treatment, spring development and well decommissioning.

Each year we will be updating our funding request from the State to assist our landowners on these various resource concerns.

Please take a few minutes to look at our list on the Landowner Assistance page. If there is a resource concern you are dealing with on your own farm and you would like to address the issue in the next few years, please give us a call and chat with us about it. This will help us keep our 5 year plan as up to date as possible. We must request funds specifically for each resource concern so it is important for us to communicate Pulaski County's Resource Needs. Remember, you are in no way obligated to participate in the State Cost Share Program just because we request funds for your specific concern.

Give us a call at (573) 765-2595.