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Soil and Water Conservation District

Michaela Roth, District Specialist III
573-243-1467, ext. 6097

Hanna Doolen, District Specialist II
573-243-1467, ext. 6081

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Scott Crumpecker, Soil Conservationist
573-243-1467, ext. 6082

Liz Hawkins, Soil Conservationist
573-243-1467, ext. 6086

Daniel Bollinger, Soil Conservation Technician
573-243-1467, ext. 6079

Missouri Department of Conservation

James Borowiak, Private Land Conservationist
573-243-1467, ext. 6083

Quail Forever and Pheasants Forever, Inc.

Farm Bill Biologist - VACANT

To help soil and water districts (SWCDs) better communicate with their customers in a timely manner, they are initiating a push to sign their customers up to GovDelivery.  It is a tool that the public can use to receive up to date information about their work, and deadlines that could affect them.  

GovDelivery allows users to select what information they wish to receive by simply checking the boxes next to the topics that interest them.  Most GovDelivery topics are available via email.  However, Missouri also offers a text message option for delivering time-sensitive information.