2009 Smithfield Environmental Day

The 3rd Annual Environmental Day was held at a local county school on Friday, Oct. 9.  This yearly event is hosted by the Smithfield Environmental Team in Milan, Mo.  The environmental integrity put forth by the Milan environmental team at the Smithfield facility is quite evident and was a perfect fit to “lead by example” on water monitoring, quality and recycling.  There were approximately 75 plus students and teachers present for this event.  Students were divided into six teams and each team had a station where they each performed turbidity, dissolved oxygen, pH and temperature testing of local lake waters.  During demonstration and testing students took notes and asked many questions, which would prove vital for their lab testing later that day!  After testing was complete, students enjoyed pizza, chips and soda.  After lunch, Mike Keith introduced the “can crush monster” used at their facility.  This enabled all students to participate in aluminum recycling as well!  Fun was had by all that attended and everyone looks forward to next year!  Grundy County SWCD was honored to be a part of water conservation and youth education. 

2009 Environmental Day Gallery