2010 WIA Conference

9/13/10 - 9/15/10 Boonville, Mo “Growing in Harmony”

This is the 17th Annual Women In Agriculture Conference.
The conference is hosted in various locations in Missouri every year.
The torch was passed to Central Missouri for the 2011 Conference.

This was an exciting and fun conference. There were many workshops available to attend from creating chipboard scrapbooks, learning about archery to finance and planning.  Many vendor displays were set up ranging from pottery, soaps and lotions with emu oil to handmade baskets and so much more.  The Monday evening entertainment was a venture to the Dixie Stampede.  The show was amazing and well worth the time.  The food was very good, although the silverware…was your fingers!  The meal started with creamy vegetable soup and a cheese biscuit.  Next came the mini rotisserie chicken and sliced pork with ½ of a seasoned baked potato.  The meal ended with a flaky apple turnover.

On Tuesday the fun-filled adventure began with a trip to tour the College of The Ozarks.  The tour began at the Keeter Center.  The Keeter Center has a gorgeous dining area, lodging, meeting rooms and a staged auditorium.  The tour continued to the Fruitcake and Jelly Kitchen where 40,000 plus fruitcakes are made by student workers and staff.  The next stop on the tour was the Star Schoolhouse, followed by the Williams Memorial Chapel.  When exiting the Chapel you walk down a gorgeous path to Point Lookout.  The view is amazing.  Our next journey took us to the Gaetz Tractor Museum and let me tell you, I did not know there were so many variations of barbed wire.  The decorative barbed wire was very interesting.  Next on the tour was the W. Alton Jones Dairy.  The baby calves were so sweet.  They loved all the attention they received.  Next stop on our tour was the Greenhouse.  There were many beautiful plants…that were alive!  The students in charge were very knowledgeable and I was thankful that they have a green thumb.  Needless to say, I love plants but my thumbs are far from green!  The tour left the Greenhouse to head back to the Keeter Center for our fabulous luncheon.  Our next stop gave us the very fashionable plastic booty gear, which fit great over all types of shoes, and we began the tour of the hog farm.  The students that work all over this campus enjoy their work and did amazing on all the tours.  The students are very prepared, knew their stuff and were great with their speaking, manners and answered questions thoroughly.  Our very last stop on the tour took us to the Ralph Foster Museum.  This was amazing.  This tour began with the original truck that was used on “The Beverly Hillbillies”, gun enthusiasts, wildlife, old antique fishing lures, etc the museum goes on forever.  I ran into a couple that had already spent 3 hours there wandering around.  It was now time to load the motorcoach and head back to the Radisson-Branson.  Our evening adventures took us to Branson Landing to view the Music and Light Show and all the shops you can imagine.

On Wednesday our day began with some amazing speakers such as fitness programs designed for “Silver Sneakers” to various issues on women’s health, bug bites and ended with a story of inspiration, life, strength, courage and hope by Jan, who in November will be a 5-year breast cancer SURVIVOR.  After an emotional ending to our speakers it was time to chow. This was yet another awesome Women In Agriculture Conference and all of us ladies look forward to next year! 

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