Haybuster Mulcher

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Agriculture - $100/day + $50/acre(minimum 1 acre) | Commercial - $225/day + $50/acre(minimum 1 acre)
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Platte County Soil and Water Conservation District offers a big bale mulcher for urban and agricultural use. Agriculture use is $100 per day plus $50 per acre with a minimum of one acre. Commercial use rents at $225 per day plus $50 per acre with a minimum of one acre. The mulcher is scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. Platte County landowners and operators can use the mulcher in adjoining counties, but it cannot be rented to non-Platte County landowners. Pre-payment, proof of insurance, a copy of your driver's license, and an agreement form will need to be taken care of at the Platte City office. The office will provide a receipt for the mulcher to be released for transportation where it can be picked up and returned in Weston, Mo. A minimum 65 horsepower tractor is recommended. All netting and string must be removed from the bales before they are used in the mulcher. The mulcher must be returned in the same condition as received including repair/replace damaged parts and/or tires, all string removed from mulcher, rotor, wheels, etc, and all mulching material cleaned off and out of mulcher. If these condidtions are not met, you will be charged a minimum of $25/hour for cleaning, repairs, etc. The renter/operator must be 18 years of age or older. The renter is the sole operator and is fully responsible for any damage to his/her equipment, people, etc which is/are damaged or hurt by the use and transportation of the mulcher.

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haybuster mulcher
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