Landowner Assistance

Soil and water conservation practices installed on agricultural land save soil from eroding and reduce nutrients and pesticides from entering Missouri’s waterways. The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax provides financial incentives and share the cost between the farmer and the state for implementing soil and water conservation practices that prevent or control soil erosion and protect water quality.

General Landowner Requirements for Receiving Cost-Share

  • A cooperator (landowner/operator) must have a farm number through the Farm Service Agency in order to be eligible to sign-up for a cost-share contract.
  • The cooperator must have an approved conservation plan which includes the requested practice before the contract is approved.
  • A cost-share contract must be board approved before the conservation practice is started.

State Cost-Share Resource Concern Categories and Associated Practices

Not all districts offer every practice listed above. Please contact your local soil and water conservation district to see what is available.


Grazing Management: $2760

Sensitive Areas: $102,000

Sheet and Rill: $157,223


The Missouri Department of Natural Resources' Soil and Water Districts Commission has developed the cost-share program to help farmers and landowners install erosion-control practices. Funds for the program come from the one-tenth-of-one-percent Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax approved by voters.

The cost-share program is administered by local soil and water conservation districts.

Construction may begin only after approval of the SWCD board of supervisors. Violation will invalidate the contract and cost-share funds will not be approved.

It is the landowners responsibility for getting bids and hiring their own contractor. A contractors list is available at the office as a public service and constitutes no endorsement by USDA, NRCS or SWCD.

Eligibility includes having a conservation plan approved with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and having a Farm Service Agency farm number with the land assessed as agricultural.

In order to qualify, the soils present must either be eroding excessively, experiencing active gully erosion or exempt from the erosion requirements of the program. A determination will be made by NRCS.

Pasture seedings must be established for a minimum of five years and all other practices must not be removed, altered or modified under the life expectance of the project (10 years). 

The practice is not complete until it meets NRCS specs. Landowners are responsible for making sure the the tenant knows it meets specs before planting takes place. If the contractor leaves the site prior to meeting specs, it is the landowner's responsibility for getting a contractor back to make the fixes prior to the termination date.

The landowner is responsible for paying 100 percent of all invoices related to the practice and turning in required documentation prior to their termination date.

Contract payments are done by direct deposit and all payments will be issued a 1099. 

Cost-share is based on 75 percent of the state average cost per component approved on the contract and payments are made by complying with the extent completed of installed components approved on the contract.


DSL-1 Permanent Vegetative Cover Establishment, DSL-4 Terrace Systems, DSL-44 Terrace Systems with Tile, DSL-5  Diversions, DSL-11 Permanent Vegetative Cover - Critical Area, DSP-2 Pasture Enhancement, DSP-3  Planned Grazing System, DWC-01 Water Impoundment Reservoirs, DWP-1  Sediment Basin/Full Flow, DWP-3   Waterway, C650 Streambank Stabilization, N351 Well Decommissioning, N386 Field Border, N391 Riparian Forest Buffer, N393 Filter Strip, N574 Spring Development, N725 Sinkhole Treatment, WQ10 Stream Protection, N340 Cover Crops.

COST-SHARE RATES for Platte County Fiscal Year 2024:

 The below component rates are for Platte County until the end of the fiscal year (June 30).

Earthfill 2000 cubic yards or less $5.34 a cubic yard - 2,001 cubic yards or more $4.31 a cubic yard

Broadbase Terraces:      
Non-parallel underground outlet $3.95 ft. Waterway outlet $3.40 ft.
Parallel underground outlet $3.83 ft. Waterway outlet $4.08 ft.

Narrowbase Terraces:      
Underground outlet $3.54 ft. Waterway outlet $3.38 ft.

Steepback Terraces:      
Underground outlet $3.87 ft. Waterway outlet $3.53 ft.

Waterway: $3842.00 ac.    

Site Clearing:      
Light: $620 ac.    
Medium $1,120 ac.    

Diversion: $4.21 a cubic yard    

Critical Area Treatment Grading:      
Light: $874.50 ac.    
Medium: $1,786 ac.    
Heavy: $2449 ac.    

12" or less 1.87 ft. 12" or greater $2.08 ft.

Topsoil: 2.02 ft.    

Corrugated PE:      
4" Non-perforated and Perforated $1.31 ft.
5" Non-perforated and Perforated $1.66 ft.
6" Non-perforated and Perforated $2.11 ft.
8" Non-perforated and Perforated $3.23 ft.
10" Non-perforated and Perforated $5.30 ft.
12" Non-perforated and Perforated $6.55 ft.

Horizontal Outlet:      
4"   $  76.00 ea.
5 "  $  92.18 ea.
6"   $  101.92 ea.    
8"   $  130.70 ea.    
10" $167.18 ea.    
12" $252.89 ea.    

Risers includes Trash Guard:      
6"   $168.25 ea.    
8"   $209.99 ea.    
10" $250.47 ea.    
12" $473.11 ea.    

Relief Well Outlet:      
6"   $124.63  ea.    
8"   $206.91  ea.    
10" $250.47  ea.    
12" $324.28  ea.    
15" $383.58  ea.    
18" $423.50  ea.       

PVC 1 1/4: $1.66 ft.    

Rock 3 to 6": $26.48 per ton

Critical Area Seeding: $ 516.62 ac.
above incudes
Cool Season Grass, Mulch, NPK
ENM, site prep, and no-till or broadcast

Pasture Seeding Acres: $122.45  ac.
above includes
Cool/Warm season grasses for pasture and
CSG Legume mix, cultipacking/rolling,
Site prep cropped medium Chemical and
Site prep cropped medium mechanical
No-tilling or broadcast

Lime .06 lb. ENM

Soil test on Pastures $20 ea.

Soil test for Cover Crops: $90

Nitrogen .60 lb.

Phosphate .55 lb.

Potash .46 lb.

Spread Fertilizer 10.10 lb. ac.    

Cover Crops 1 or 2 species:  $30/ac

Cover Crops 3 or more:  $40/ac