Truax Flex-II Native Grass Drill

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$8/acre($40 minimum)
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A Truax Flex-II native grass drill has been donated to the Platte SWCD by Quail Unlimited to plant only native warm season grasses and forbs or other plantings deemed beneficial to improve wildlife habitat on private land in Platte and other surrounding counties. It is not recommended for over 50 acres and cannot be used to plant brome and fescue pastures. Brome and fescue will only be allowable for smaller areas such as pond dams. The 5’ drill can be rented providing a valid driver license and proof of insurance prior to drill use. The rental fee will be $8.00 per acre with a $40 minimum. Checks need to be made payable to Platte SWCD or cash for the exact amount. It requires rear hydraulic hook-ups for use. For more information or to receive a copy of the rental agreement, contact the Platte SWCD or MDC, Private Land Conservationist, Randy Keeran at the USDA Service Center, 816-431-2101 ext. 3

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truax native grass drill
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