Needs Assessment

For over 60 years, the soil and water conservation districts have worked toward saving soil. Gov. Nixon approved House Bill 250 in the summer of 2009 which changed and clarified the purpose of the soil and water conservation cost-share program. The bill states,

"Soil and water conservation cost-share, a state funded incentive program designed for the purpose of saving the soil and water resources of this state for the conservation of productive power of Missouri agricultural land."

With the wording change, the Missouri parks, soils and water sales tax provided additional funding to Franklin County to help protect, not only our soil - but also our water resources.

The Missouri Soil and Water Districts Commission requested that each county compile an assessment of their county's needs regarding soil erosion and water quality issues. Once each county compiled their findings, funds were allocated based upon the needs assessment in 7 different resource concern areas: Sheet and Rill and Gully Erosion, Animal Waste Management, Nutrient & Pest Management, Grazing Management, Irrigation Management, Sensitive Areas, and Woodland Erosion.

See Landowner Assistance for a complete listing on all practices available to Franklin County.