Needs Assessment

Landowner Survey

This survey is to let us know what conservation practices are needed in the county. It will also give us an idea as to what practices you are interested in, what practices you feel will help you with your farming.

Mark the practices you are wanting in the Needed column, and if there is a practice you want to know more about mark in the Interested column.

Program Interested Needed
Sheet and Rill Erosion    
Seeding crop ground to permanent grass or& interseed legumes into established grass    
Terrace Systems    
Windbreaks for crop ground    
No-Till Systems    
Gully Erosion    
Grading, shaping and seeding    
Dry hole structures    
Sod Waterways    
Woodland Erosion    
Planting trees to protect a specific area    
Fencing livestock out of woods    
Exclude all use from a wooded area    
Implementing a timber harvest plan (Forest Only)    
Restoration of skid trails, logging roads, stream crossings and log landings (Forest Only)    
Irrigation Management    
Renozzling a center pivot    
Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface (surge valve and flat tubing)    
Reusing surface water runoff for irrigation    
Irrigation Water Conveyance    
Water retention structure to reduce nutrient and chemical loading downstream    
Sensitive Areas    
Field Border    
Filter Strip    
Establishing Riparian Forest Buffer    
Establish Windbreaks for protecting crop ground    
Excluding livestock from streams, provide alternative water, does not require the planting of trees.    
Animal Waste Management    
Beef Systems    
Dairy Systems    
Poultry Systems    
Nutrient Management    
Commercial Fertilizer Application    
Organic fertilizer application    
Pest Management    
Proper Pesticide application    
Groundwater Protection    
Composting Facility    
Fencing of Sinkhole areas    
Well decommissioning    
Grazing Management    
Interseeding Existing Pasture with legumes through no-tilling    
Planned Grazing System    
Planned Grazing System with Pond    
Planned Grazing System with a Well    
Streambank Erosion    
Stabilizing Streambank