Cover Crop Soil Testing Procedure

Program staff have been working with staff at the University of Missouri Soil Health Assessment Center (SHAC) on instructions for doing soil samples as required in the N340 Cover Crop practice. The instructions developed by SHAC explains where and how to take a sample and where to ship them. This information can be provided to the landowners and will be available on the SHAC website The forms are the final version. If you received a draft copy, please discard the previous version and use the attachments or from the SHAC website once the information is available there.

Also available is a Cover Crop Soil Health Information sheet that will need to be completed and submitted to SHAC with the sample. The forms will need to be completed and submitted to SHAC with the sample are located at the FORMS tab on the home page.The sheet gathers information about the landowners cropping and tillage history to assist SHAC with the analysis. There is also a label form so the district can print labels to provide to the landowners to stick on the bags of samples. The labels are developed to print on Uline S-3196 self-adhesive labeling sheet. If a search is done on the Web for the label, there are several brands available that are compatible with the Uline S-3196.

The SHAC has also purchased bulk density rings needed to take the samples for the districts. Coordinators are distributing the rings to districts. If you need rings before your coordinator can make it to your district, let your coordinator know and we will look at other options to get them to you. The district is responsible to track the rings and ensure they are returned.