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All district correspondence for the Soil and Water Conservation Program should be sent to soil&waterconservationprogram@swcd.mo.gov

2022 Missouri Pesticide Collection Events
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will hold six pesticide collection events in 2022. Districts are asked to share the flyers with those in the areas where collection events will occur.

  • March 12 - Portageville Pesticide Collection Event - Fisher Delta Research, Extension and Education Center, 147 W. State Highway T, Portageville, MO - Portageville Flyer
  • March 26 - Appleton Pesticide Collection Event - Appleton City Municipal ServicesCity Barn, 100 S. Maple St., Appleton City, MO - Appleton City Flyer
  • April 9 - Washington Pesticide Collection Event - MFA Cooperative Association No 2, 6927 Missouri Hwy 100, Washington, MO - Washington Flyer
  • May 21 - Farmington Pesticide Collection Event - MFA Agri Services, 1363 Sainte Genevieve Ave., Farmington, MO - Farmington Flyer
  • June 11 - Chillicothe Pesticide Collection Event - Litton Agri-Science Learning Center, 10808 Liv 235, Chillicothe, MO - Chillicothe Flyer
  • Aug. 13 - Versailles Pesticide Collection Event - MoDot Maintenance Facility, 1031 Jefferson St., Versailles, MO - Versailles Flyer

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Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts
The association of district board supervisors in Missouri works with the Soil and Water Districts Commission to help protect Missouri's soil and water resources.

NRCS-SWCD County Office Locator
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Well publications available from the Missouri Geological Survey
Plugging Your Abandoned Well, Brochure--PUB2281
Your New Water Well, Brochure--PUB2280