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All district correspondence for the Soil and Water Conservation Program should be sent to soil&waterconservationprogram@swcd.mo.gov

2021 Missouri Pesticide Collection Events
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources will hold six pesticide collection events in 2021.

    LAGERS Personnel Data Form

    Sunshine Law Information

    District Progression Line

    Conservation Planning Certification (NRCS)
    Creating an IDP in AgLearn with NCPP Certification
    NCPP Training Guide for Field Employees and Supervisors
    Planner Designation Requirements

    District Employee Training Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentations

    Conservation Leadership Corps

    Missouri Collegiate Conservation Alliance

    RUSLE2 Tutorial, Instruction, Documents and Videos More...

    Conservation Planning course page is currently being updated...

    Cover Crop Soil Testing Procedures More...

    2019 Area Meetings
    Adobe® PowerPoint® Presentations
    Missouri Department of Conservation
    SWCD Progression Line
    How to Protect Your District and Your Personal Liability as a Board Member and/or Employee
    Missouri Department of Agriculture video - Length 4:11

    2018 Training Conference Workshop Descriptions
    Supervisor Workshop
    Actual Cost Database-Cost Data Entry
    Conservation Planning Certification
    WQ10 and C650
    NRCS Actual Cost Database-Cost Data Entry
    Quarterly Report and Accounting
    Sunshine Training


    Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (link is external)
    The association of district board supervisors in Missouri works with the Soil and Water Districts Commission to help protect Missouri's soil and water resources.

    MoDot Map with Wetland Staff District Assignments
    At the area meetings, MoDot gave presentations on streambank mitigation. If anyone is interested in this, here is a map with contact information for the wetland coordinators and the districts that they represent.

    NRCS-SWCD County Offices Address Phone List
    This links to the NRCS-SWCD county offices address phone list

    Well publications available from the Missouri Geological Survey
    Plugging Your Abandoned Well, Brochure--PUB2281
    Your New Water Well, Brochure--PUB2280