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Soil and Water Conservation District Staff

Audrey Rayl, District Program Specialist III
573-767-5276, ext. 101

Scott Evans, District Program Specialist IV
573-767-5276, ext. 112

Tyler Porter, FOSA District Program Specialist II
573-767-5276 ext. 109

Natural Resources Conservation Service Staff

Justin Evans, Resource Conservationist
573-767-5276, ext. 108

Ashley Johnson, District Conservationist
573-767-5276, ext. 3 

John Green, ACES  (part-time)
 573-767-5276 ext. 3

Timothy Coy, ACES  (part-time)
 573-767-5276 ext. 3

Missouri Department of Conservation Staff

John Pinkowski, Private Land Conservationist
660-397-2223 ext. 117 (Knox County)

Jason Jacobson, Resource Forester
660-727-2955 ext. 117 (Clark County)

Missouri Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist

Haley Lockard, Farm Bill Wildlife Biologist
660-727-2955 ext. 119 (Clark County)