Vicon Seeder

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$25/day (8hrs)
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The Soil and Water Conservation District in Linn received a new Vicon seeder for landowners to use when broadcasting native grasses, food plot seed, and other seeds on their properties.  The Vicon seeder came from a grant that was supported by multiple wildlife organizations including Quail Forever, National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Missouri Department of Conservation.  The seeder can be towed behind an ATV, tractor, or truck, but we recommend a 500cc ATV or larger to ensure proper towing.  Whether you have small fields or larger fields, this seeder will be able to seed in a more uniform distribution than the older broadcast seeders with its specialized broadcasting arm.  The seeder can be rented out for $25/day (8hrs).  For more information on the machine and request to rent it please contact the Osage County Soil and Water District at (573) 897-3797 (ext. 3). A $20 late fee will be assessed to all acounts that are 60 days past due. Payment in advance is required for those renters who have received two or more late notices for previous rentals.

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vicon seeder
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