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Soil and Water Conservation District Staff

Rayanna Hopper, District Manager
660-263-5702, ext. 3094

John Kirchhoff, District Technician II
660-263-5702, ext. 3102

Lauren Reynolds, Multi-County District Technician
660-263-5702, ext. 3101

Lee Leathers, NWQI Multi-County District Technician

Natural Resources Conservation Service Staff

Clint Roby, District Conservationist (Randolph, Chariton, Macon and Linn Counties)
660-385-2616, ext. 3

Katherine Cruse, Soil Conservationist
660-263-5702, ext. 3100

Brandon Snodgrass, FOSA Soil Technician
660-263-5702, ext. 3109 or 660-288-3279, ext. 3