Stone County Chastain Farms - Grazing System

Chastain Farms - Grazing System

The landowner spotlight this quarter falls on Gary Chastain and his son Bo Chastain. They have just completed an intensive grazing system on a farm west of Crane. The system included a water well, water distribution to 9 permanent water tanks and electric cross fence further intensifying pasture to 15 paddocks. Part of the overall project included the installation of a two wire hi-tinsel containment fence on both sides of a one mile section of Dry Crane Creek—which is not always "dry" (just ask Gary). This stream carries water from a 16 square mile watershed causing flooding and soil erosion during rain events. Future soil loss on the Chastain farm will be significantly slowed by the implementation of the new buffer. The established area will naturally regenerate in grass, trees and shrubs creating a "buffer" filtering nutrient, and herbicide run off from the fields.

The installed lanes and cross fence has created paddocks for the purpose of better management. Gary is now able to manage pasture grazing and manure distribution. The single electric wire system has proven adequate for the management and control of livestock making farm management a little easier.

Gary has a history of applying conservation practices on his farms in an earnest effort to control pests, soil erosion and improve water quality. Also, he has pulled soil tests from many fields and applied the recommended commercial or organic fertility prescriptions in order to protect local streams from excessive nutrient runoff. Gary realizes the importance of these types of conservation practices and is diligent in his efforts to apply them to the land.

The Stone County Soil & Water District wishes to recognize Gary Chastain for his diligence in protecting the local streams and slowing soil loss on his farm land. Gary’s implementation of District programs have been a successful demonstration to the community of how landowners and District programs can team up to make a footprint of good conservation right here in Stone county, Missouri. Thank you Gary.