Stone County Dale Burton

In The Spotlight

Dale Burton

Dale has been a proponent of using a no-till drill to plant grass and legume seed thus allowing soil to remain covered. The science behind planting seed with a no-till continues to verify the importance of this practice not only to slow soil erosion but also to allow uninterrupted growth of important bacteria below the surface.

Dale is also a wealth of knowledge concerning the application of various herbicides for the control of weeds and insects on hay and pasture land. This comes with years of experience, trial and error. Though he looks to us for knowledge and information we have much to glean from Dale and his expertise.

This landowner spotlight would not be complete without acknowledging that anyone who meets Dale and Carol Burton will find after 45 years of farming together they have an optimistic attitude and sense of humor that is contagious. We appreciate Dale and Carol Burton for applying conservation practices on their farm for the benefit of the watershed and erosion control.

We must remember, if every landowner would practice good conservation, tons of top soil would be saved and our streams and rivers protected for our grandchildren and their children. Just ask Dale and Carol; they have 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.