Stone County Will Johnson

A few years ago, Will Johnson, a young business owner from Kansas City, purchased approximately 190 acres just south of Crane, MO.  Will enjoyed the opportunity to fly fish along Crane Creek which meanders through the property.  With wildlife and conservation concerns a heart, he contacted the Stone County Soil & Water and the MDC for help in planning and implementation of a 100 foot buffer along the creek to aid in the control of runoff from adjoining crop land.  Eight hundred (800) trees were planted as part of the project.

Now Will has committed to further conservation efforts and in partnership with MDC has repaired a major cut where the Creek bends abruptly.  The cut was caused by the flood waters of 2006 through 2008 causing the rick top soils to slough off into the creek.  The rock repair engineered and installed by MDC is shown in the photos.  We are now in the planning stages to plant trees around the repair and create another 100 foot butter south of the initial buffer.

This will be an ongoing project nurturing the seedlings, mowing around them to insure success and installing fencing to deter livestock from entering the riparian area and the creek.

The Stone County SWCD is proud to continue a working relationship with MDC and Will Johnson as he has such a heart for conservation and the beautiful Crane Creek.  Oh, and the trout send a big thanks to Will also.