Needs Assessment

The one-tenth-of-one-percent parks, soils and water sales tax is used to fund efforts to help protect the soil from erosion and improve water quality. The tax was renewed by voters of the state of Missouri in 2006. Roughly $24 million is available to Missouri landowners from this tax. The Soil and Water Districts Commission has asked each soil and water conservation district to do a needs assessment so the cost-share dollars can be more accurately allocated to meet the landowners needs.

The Washington County SWCD writes a needs assessment every year that pertains to cost-share dollars for conservation practices. This needs assessment is submitted to the state Soil and Water Districts Commission to assist in determining our district’s cost-share dollar allotment for the following year. The board of supervisors would like to know where cost-share for conservation practices are needed within the county. We also want to find out what types of practices landowners need to address resource problems. We welcome you to stop by or call the office with your information and let us know what practices you could use to fix the resource concerns on your land. The goal of the needs assessment is to tell the state commission exactly how many landowners want to do cost-share practices. We also want to tell them what practices the landowners need, the estimated costs and potential soil savings and water quality impact that can be achieved through cost-share. If you would like more information on this process, feel free to contact our office at 573-438-9214, or by e-mail at  Our address is 103 N. Missouri St., Potosi, MO  63664.