Needs Assessment

Following the Revised Statues of Missouri Chapter 278 and the Soil and Water Districts Commission's rules on allocating cost-share funds, the Soil and Water Districts Commission is charged with the responsibility of allocating appropriations for cost-share to the 114 Missouri districts. The resource needs assessment process has been developed as a tool that will help the commission to carry out its statuary obligation. 

The needs assessment will be a rolling five-year plan developed by the soil and water conservation districts that will be updated annually. The resource concerns are as follows: Sheet and Rill /Gully Erosion, Grazing Management, Woodland Erosion, Sensitive Areas, Irrigation Management, Animal Waste Management, Nutrient Management, Pest Management, Groundwater Protection and Streambank Erosion. 

Starting in fiscal year 2013 (July 1, 2012) the state commissioners will allocate cost-share funds based on the Needs Assessment Report submitted by each county. The cost-share program provides roughly $24 million annually to Missouri landowners. Approximately 6,000 practices are completed each year on agricultural land to reduce or abate soil erosion. A variety of practices are eligible to treat high erodible cropland. These funds come from the one-tenth-of-one-percent parks, soils and water sales tax.

The Andrew County SWCD has determined the need for four sought after resource concerns to address the soil and water erosion of the county. For fiscal year 2013, Andrew County has been allocated a total of $332,627.00 for the four resource concerns. Listed below are the cost-share practices available.  

Cost-Share Practices for Fiscal Year 2013 in Andrew County

  • Sheet & Rill Erosion/Gully Erosion
  • Sensitive Areas
  • Nutrient Management
  • Grazing Management