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Soil and Water Conservation District Staff

Jim Freeburger, District Technician
660-547-2351, ext. 3011

On the technical end of work, Jim takes care of the designs of our conservation practices such as grazing systems, ponds, terraces and waterways, which include Federal and State programs.  Jim also manages the district’s rental equipment.  He sets up our newsletters including our Regular –twice a year letter, our Women In Ag and “Just for Teachers” newsletters.

Jim has been with the district since 1991.

Tina Dulaban, District Manager
660-547-2351, ext. 3007

On the administrative end of work, Tina takes care of the cost share and accounting programs and all financial aspects of the district. She sets up and schedules the monthly board meetings, monthly, quarterly and yearly payments and reports. She also completes scheduling work and day to day supervisor of work for the district staff. 

Tina composes the articles for the newsletters, works with the schools for completing class sessions on soils and soil erosion demonstrations and supervises the poster and coloring contest including, signups, judging and awards ceremony. She sets up of the annual meeting, grazing schools and other special meetings as they arise.

Tina is the Chair of the Central Region Envirothon which is composed of 17 counties, about 115 students and an additional 50 volunteers for a one day high school educational competition.

Tina has been with the district since 1992

Jamie Henderson, District Specialist IV
660-547-2351, ext. 3016

Also on the technical end, Jamie does the field work for layout of Federal and State cost share practices. He works with NRCS staff on structural practices such as ponds, terraces and waterways and on his own for seedings, grazing systems, well decommissioning’s, riparian buffers etc. Jamie is a certified Nutrient Management Specialist and takes care of plans for landowners interested in proper nutrient application. Jamie also assists with the educational programs which the district sponsors.

Jamie has been with the district since 2001.