Landowner Assistance

Soil and water conservation practices installed on agricultural land save soil from eroding and reduce nutrients and pesticides from entering Missouri’s waterways. The Parks, Soils and Water Sales Tax provides financial incentives and share the cost between the farmer and the state for implementing soil and water conservation practices that prevent or control soil erosion and protect water quality.

General Landowner Requirements for Receiving Cost-Share

  • A cooperator (landowner/operator) must have a farm number through the Farm Service Agency in order to be eligible to sign-up for a cost-share contract.
  • The cooperator must have an approved conservation plan which includes the requested practice before the contract is approved.
  • A cost-share contract must be board approved before the conservation practice is started.

State Cost-Share Resource Concern Categories and Associated Practices

Not all districts offer every practice listed above. Please contact your local soil and water conservation district to see what is available.

Conservation practices are coded for tracking purposes. The current practices available in Cole County are:

Sheet Rill and Gully Erosion Practices
DSL-1 Permanent Vegetative Cover Establishment
DSL-2 Permanent Vegetative Cover Improvement
DSL-4 Terrace Systems
DSL-44 Terrace Systems with Tile
DSL-5 Diversions
DSL-11 Permanent Vegetative Cover - Critical Areas
DWC-1 Water Impoundment Reservoir
DWP-1 Sediment Retention, Erosion or Water Control Structure
DWP-3 Sod Waterways
N340 Cover Crops

Woodland Erosion
DFR-4 Forest Plantation
N472 Livestock Exclusion
C100 Timber Harvest Plans

Sensitive Areas
N386 Field Border
N393 Filter Strip
N391 Riparian Forest Buffer
WQ10 Stream Protection
N574 Spring Development
N351 Well Decommissioning
C650 Streambank Stabilization

Nutrient and Pest Management
N590 Nutrient Management
N595 Pest Management

Grazing Management
DSP-2 Permanent Vegetative Cover Enhancement - No Till
DSP-3.1 Planned Grazing System Water Development
DSP-3.2 Planned Grazing System Water Distribution
DSP-3.3 Planned Grazing System Fence
DSP-3.4 Planned Grazing System Lime
DSP-3.5 Planned Grazing System Seed

Animal Waste Management
N312 Poultry, Swine Beef or Dairy Waste Management System
N316 Incinerator
N317 Composting Facility