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Dunklin Southern Ridge MRBI Project

Farmers and ranchers in five Missouri watershed areas are eligible for financial assistance from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to help them install conservation measures that will contribute to cleaner water flowing into the Mississippi River and, ultimately, the Gulf of Mexico.

Missouri State Conservationist J.R. Flores said the five Missouri watershed areas were selected because targeted conservation in those areas will have a significant impact on increased water quality and reduced sediment being delivered to the Mississippi River.

“Conservation systems implemented in these watersheds will reduce the amount of sediments and nutrients flowing from agricultural land into the waterways that feed into the Mississippi River,” Flores said. “The additional conservation practices put in place on the land will curb soil erosion and improve the resiliency of farmland in the face of drought and flood.”

The new areas include the Dunklin County watershed: Upper Buffalo Creek Ditch.

Upper Buffalo Creek Ditch

Conservation practices offered through MRBI will focus on the avoidance of access nutrients and sediment movement occurring on land in the priority watershed areas.  The core activities, such as cover crops, increased crop rotations, decreased tillage, precision nutrient application and exclusion fencing, will strengthen soil health, reduce erosion and lessen nutrient runoff.

MRBI is an initiative delivered through NRCS’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP). Applications are now being accepted from farmers and ranchers in the priority watersheds.

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